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VX-ROM Nissan R35 GTR

The Highly anticipated Mines VX-ROM for the R35 GTR
* Speedometer limit modification
* Air / fuel ratio reset
* Ignition timing reset
* Variable valve timing modification
* Boost control map modification
* Sufficient safety margin
Along with the points above, the VX-ROM is programmed for maximum throttle response and engine power without sacrificing fuel efficiency. All important security programs like the immobilizer and anti-theft system flawlessly conformed to the Thatcham rating system function.

Considering the safety margin to the newly developed GR6 dual clutch transmission system, the standard VX-ROM does not change the rev limit. (A change on the rev limit is available as an special request.) The boost limit is also set conservatively at 1.1k to protect the engine. The VX-ROM realizes the best combination of performance and durability for exhaust tuning. There is a pair of No1 & No2 catalyzers (catalytic converters) in the R35 GTR (total four catalyzers). Mines recommends changing both exhausts and the No2 catalyzers. However, due to the fluctuation of boost, the No1 catalyzers is not recommended to be changed.

Expected gain (U.S model for 92 octane gas + octane booster)
     VX-ROM alone +10hp
     VX-ROM + Mines exhaust & catalyzer +50hp

The original ECU has to be sent to Mines Japan for reprogramming.

Price $1,846.00 returning EMS shipping is included


Type X programming is for a GT-R with a higher boost. It is designed to work with HKS boost controller.

Price $2,328.00 returning EMS shipping is included
silence vx titan II 1silence vx titan II 2silence vx titan II 3
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Silence VX Pro Titan II

The VX Pro Titan II exhaust is made of ultra light, strong titanium and will contribute better performance with significant weight reduction. By producing a very smooth rev from low ranges to the red line, this exhaust significantly improves the throttle response of a turbo charged engine. In Japan, this exhaust is JASMA approved.

Material - Titanium
Main pipe diameter - 80 ø
Exit diameter - 120 ø x 4

Price $5,655.00

Exhaust Sound data from Mines website
* Blipping
* Start
* Passing from left to right
* Passing from right to left
silence vx titan II 1silence vx titan II 2silence vx titan II 3
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Racing Competition Exhaust Super Titanium

With the use of "Super Titanium - alloy of titanium and other special metals" and with the new design, Mines presents its Competition Exhaust, a lighter and more durable exhaust for racing. It weighs only 9.6kg (21 pound) and the tip boasts darker blue than the standard titanium exhaust.

The following is the description from Mines Japan home page
4 X 130mm Tail Ends
Super Titanium
Width of curved pipe increased from 70mm to 80mm
Super Light Weight
Impressive Racing Sound

Mine's has developed this Racing Competition Muffler specifically for our foreign customers residing in areas with freedom towards modified cars. Compared to our domestic product this new mufflers construction has been modified to gain more power and better response. You will find the sound of this muffler to produce louder music without the nasty ripping noise and uncomfortable bass. The materials used are titanium and super titanium with the ratio towards the super titanium being emphasized. By using more of the super titanium we have produced a muffler with greater durability and greater heat tolerance.

The construction of this muffler is based on the philosophy of gaining faster air flow by increasing the diameter of the pipe where the pipe is bent. The connection from the main pipe is 70mm wide, and the section that turns 180 degrees has been increased to 80mm to maximize the flow of air.

The tail end has a stunning diameter of 130mm and has also been given the impressive full volume tail design with the trademark scorched blue finish.

By taking maximum advantage of the lightweight characteristics of the material and downsizing the silencer, Mine's has been able to significantly reduce the weight of the muffler as a whole. By shaving off the rear ends weight we aimed at assisting the driver with more stable cornering and better response when accelerating and down shifting.

*This muffler can be attached to the stock front pipes catalyzer.

Pipe diameter 80mm - 70mm x2 - 80mm x2 - 70mm x2 - 130mm x4

Price $4,943.00

super cat 2
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Super Catalyzer II

Mine's Super Catalyzer is a catalytic converter which achieves both performance and purification functions (reduction of the toxicity from emissions). Consideration to the environment being very high in the Mine's philosophy, even a pure sports car cannot escape emission controls and with a stock catalytic converter it will definitely increase the exhaust resistance. The Super Catalyzer II promises better power and response from your engine from the mid to high rpms without scarifying the original function of converter.

Material - Stainless
Main pipe diameter - 70 ø x 2 to 80 ø

Price $2,752.00
straight convstraight conv
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Straight Converter

Made of stainless, this product eliminates the secondary catalytic converter and improves the horsepower and the throttle response at a high rpm range. It also contributes to reducing the vehicle weight. (Racing use only)

Material - Stainless
Main pipe diameter - 70 ø x 2 to 80 ø

Price $1,149.00

test pipetest pipetest pipe
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Titanium Straight Converter   -ultimate weight reduction

The Mines Titanium Straight Converter is designed for increased power and a better throttle response on a race track. Depending on the driver's preference, Mines offers three types of converter. All of them provide ultimate weight reduction [-9.8kg for type I, and -10.8kg for type II and III].

The Type I has an excellent balance between the power and the noise level. The Type II shaves more weight from Type I with a smaller silencer. With more powerful sound, the Type III utilizes the full straight design which emphasizes the higher output at high rev range.

The installment is an easy bolt on. The Titanium Straight Converter replaces the stock secondary catalytic converter. As such, it is a race only product and is not to be used on the public street.

[Type I]
Diameter 70mm - 110mm (silencer) - 70mm x2 - 80mm
Weight 3.6kg
Price $2,642.00

[Type II]
Diameter 70mm - 80mm (silencer) - 70mm x2 - 80mm
Weight 2.6kg
Price $2,343.00

[Type III]
Diameter 70mm x2 - 80mm
Weight 2.6kg
Price $2,343.00

red air filter
Click the picture to enlarge
VX Air Filter

Made of three layers of cotton, aluminum mesh, and a special oil, the VX Air Filter provides excellent air filtration without causing any turbulence in the airflow. By increasing the air mass (170% compared with the stock filter), this product alone can improve your power by 3 to 5 hp. However, combined with VX-ROM, the power improvement will be more impressive.

This product is also washable. Based on the Mine's test data, even after washing over 35 times, the reduction of the air flow was limited to only 3%.

Price $350.00
street suspensionstreet suspension
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ESTA Suspension System Street Version   New

The newly released ESTA Suspension System Street Version offers an height adjustability to your GTR without negatively affecting the ride comfort and performance of the stock Bilstein DampTronic. The kit is used with the stock Bilstein shock absorber.

The front pillow upper mount is designed to ensure the enough stroke (travel) when the ride height is reduced. The original bump rubber also works to secure the stoke. A very strong aluminum 75S is used as the material and it is combined with the reliable pillow ball manufactured by Minebea. Furthermore, the stock spring rubber sheet is used, which effectively reduce the noise frequently caused by the use of pillow upper mounts.

The spring is a 90mm to 70mm variable taper type which is jointly developed with Eibach. Enough thought was given to the design of the spring in order to prevent the initial hash movement and to maintain the right stiffness during the travel.

Mine's can confidently present this product to the GTR driver to push the potential of the stock Bilstein performance to the maximum by achieving both the superb street performance and very stylish looks.

The product does not include the stock Bilstein shock absorbers.

*Spring rate
Front 10 % up from the stock
Rear 10 % up from the stock
*Ride Height
Front -30 mm
Rear -10 mm
*Height adjustability
Front -10 mm to -35 mm
Rear 0 to -30 mm

The ride height is the number set at the Mine's factory and it is the recommended value.

Price N/A
ESTA full spec 2
ESTA Full Spec Suspension II

The ESTA full spec suspension is based on a SACHS shock absorber combined with an external reservoir and a specially selected Eibach spring to provide optimum performance. The compression and rebound can be adjusted independently which provides a precise setting for a driver and for any driving situation. The ultra light aluminum body also contributes to the weight reduction.

The standard kit comes with a pillow upper mount, but a rubber upper mount is available at your request.

Spring rate
Front from 12k -
Rear from 12k -
Damping force adjustment
Rebound side 720 degrees continuous setting
Compression side 36 stages
Ride height
Front -40mm from the stock *
Rear -20mm from the stock *
* Set at Mine's as the recommended value. Adjustable to a different value.

Price $11,280.00
ESTA Full Spec Suspension III

The ESTA Full Spec Suspension III is the ultimate suspension system for the R35 GTR for race track driving. Based on SACHS shock absorber with an external reservoir and an Eibach spring, the suspension provides a three way adjustable function. The compression and rebound sides are independently adjustable. In addition the compression damping force is adjustable separately in low vehicle speed and high vehicle speed ranges. This 3 way function provides freedom to really fine tune the suspension settings and will take advantage of the extensive technical expertise from years of experience that Mine's has.

The standard kit comes with a pillow upper mount, but a rubber upper mount is available at your request.

Spring rate
Front from 12k -
Rear from 12k -
Damping force adjustment
Rebound side 720 degrees continuous setting
Compression side 36 stages (high speed range)
20 stages (low speed range)
Ride height
Front -40mm from the stock *
Rear -20mm from the stock *
* Set by Mine's at a recommended value. Adjustable to different values.

Price $14,171.00
EIBACH spring
Click the picture to enlarge
Mine's Ibach Spring Kit

The Mine's Ibach Spring is specially designed for the R35 GT-R. The best spring rate for street driving is determined by numerous testing with many different spring rates. The Mines Spring has enough stroke which will provide an excellent and comfortable ride. The use of the coil spring isolator will drastically reduce unwanted structurally transmitted noise.

Price N/A
big brake kitbrakerotor
Click the picture to enlarge
Big Brake Rotor Kit

This bolt on type rotor kit converts a stock 380 ø drilled rotor to a 400 ø 24 slotted (front) and to a 400 ø 16 slotted (rear) with a stronger and more stable stopping power.

The kit includes rotors x 2, and brackets. The front kit and rear kit are sold separately.

Price   Front $2,829.00   Rear $3,000.00
Mines Brake Pad

Co- developed with Winmax, the brake pad is made of low steel material and is aimed for an excellent controllability and reduced brake fade. Winmax is very well known for its application of material with less steel - “low steel materialE The emphasis is placed on comfortable street driving with minimum squeaking noise.

* The stopping torque is very flat and has first-rate controllability

* Outstanding characteristics against brake fade

* “Low steel materialEis low in heat conductibility and the heat transfer from the rotor to the caliper is significantly reduced preventing damages to other components.

* Covers from the performance street driving to track days with radial tires

* The brake dust is very easy to clean

* Operating rotor temperature - up to 600 C (about 1,125 F)

Price: A set for Front & Rear $921.00

The front set and rear set can be sold separately. Please refer to us
brake pad
PAGID Brake Pad

Exclusively manufactured for Mine’s, this Pagid brake pad is made of a combination of non asbestos material and ceramic. It produces a superior and more stable braking experience. Several compounds are offered for street and race track driving. The product is a perfect match to the Mines Big Brake Rotor Kit.

Type 2 for R35 GTR race track
     Operating rotor temperature - up to 600 C (about 1,125 F)

Price Type 2 Front $1,476.00    Type 2 Rear $927.00
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