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VX-ROM   350Z  HR (&DE)

The VX-ROM for the 350Z HR is designed to maximize the benefit of a naturally aspirated engine.  Mine’s main emphasis is placed on a smooth torque curve and superior throttle response.  Mr. Niikura has spent a great deal of his energy to perfect the electronic throttle control for better drivability, power, feel, and response.  Artistically created, this the VX-ROM for the 350Z HR is compared to a masterpiece painting.


  1. Speedometer limit control
  2. Air / fuel ratio reset
  3. Ignition timing reset
  4. Maximum throttle response
  5. Rev limiter change from 7000rpm to 7200rpm (For DE, the rev is raised from 6600rpm to 7000rpm.)
  6. Electronic throttle control reset
  7. CVTC (continuous valve timing control - intake side) modification
  8. eVTC (electro-magnetic valve timing control – exhaust side) modification
Your computer learning control & emission control are left intact

Available for Version NISMO 380RS, VQ35DE, VQ35HR, & Roadstar

Price $1,494.00 (the price is for re-programming)
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High Flow Throttle System

The Mines High Flow Throttle System firstly widens the diameter by 2.5 mm to increase the absolute quantity of air flow and secondly achieves the ultimate air flow efficiency by eliminating the unevenness of the internal surface and by modifying the butterfly shaft and bolts.

The internal surface is machined with a ultra precision diamond tool and then is mirror finished to transform the surface to an ideal "ventur tube" shape. The shaft which activates the butterfly is reduced the mass to the limit and streamlined.  The product promises the ultimate throttle response experience.

Mines highly recommends a modification of ECU in order to enjoy the maximum potential of this modified Highflow Throttle Body System.

350Z w/ DE $2,382.00 (without core exchange)
  $870.00 (with core exchange)
350Z w/ HR $3,699.00 (without core exchange)
  $1,665.00 (with core exchange)

Note: Pictures are throttle body for GTR (modification method is same)

M throttleNissan throttle

compare the internal finish between Mines throttle body with the stock one - please click the pics above

racing shift harness
Racing Shift Harness Kit

In a stock automatic shift pattern, to up shift you push the lever forward and pull back the lever to shift down. Mine's philosophy is in a more natural movement by pushing the lever forward to shift down while you are experiencing a negative G force (just like when you brake before a corner) and to pull back the lever to shift up while you are under a positive G force (as you would feel when you are accelerating).

Mine's Racing Shift Harness Kit makes your automatic shift closer similar to one in a race car.

Price $81.00
shift indicatorshift indicator 2
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Racing Shift Indicator & Harness kit

Made of carbon like material, the shift indicator panel presents a very high quality appearance similar to those found in a race car. The kit includes the indicator panel and shift harness kit described previously.

Please specify if your 350Z is right or left hand side steering.

For 350Z w/ Automatic Transmission

Price N/A
titan 1titan 1 atitan 1 b
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Silence-VX Pro Titan

Mine's titanium exhaust for the 350Z is designed with two objectives - performance & racing sound. The 70 ø diameter titanium main pipes produce an excellent sound and superior response. It is in tune with your throttle works and will also greatly contribute toward an overall weight reduction.

For further performance enhancement, combine a Mine's header, center pipe, and sport catalyzer to the Silence VX Pro Titan.

Material - Titanium
Weight - 6.5 kg (vs stock 17 kg)
Main pipe diameter - 70 ø
Flange section diameter - 65 ø
Exit pipe diameter - 110 ø

Price $ N/A
titan 2
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Silence-VX Pro Titan II

In pursuit of the ultimate exhaust, Mines has redesigned the Silence-VX Pro Titan II to provide excellent sound yet with a high level of quietness. Along with a high response rate at the top end, our exhaust will not sacrifice drivability through the low and mid ranges.

Backed by the exhaust performance theory and numerous tests, the diameters (80 ø- 60 ø x 2 - 110 ø x 2) were carefully determined and an almost perfect equal length design has been achieved. In order to maintain the air flow as similar as possible for each pipe, a new special rear stabilizer was created to replace the stock one. This special stabilizer also provides enough clearance from the ground for your exhaust.

The ultra light titanium allows the exhaust to weigh only half of a stock exhaust and enhances the stability and performance during cornering and braking.

You can combine this exhaust with Mine's front pipe (60 ø x 2 - 80 ø ), for further improvement of the throttle response.

The production of this exhaust is limited to 50. The exhaust comes with special rear stabilizer, bracket, and exhaust hanger.
JASMA approved

All sold - thank you very much.
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Exhaust Manifold (Header)

Beautifully hand-made by skilled craftsmen, this header eliminates exhaust loss and provides significant improvement of the engines response, power & torque. It is made of stainless steel. Special titanium Exhaust Manifold is available by special order.

Material - Stainless (or Titanium)
Main pipe - 42.7 ø

This model has been discontinued.
straight pipe
Straight Pipe

It is almost impossible to avoid power loss when a catalytic converter(s) is in use. For drivers who would like to enjoy race track events, Mine's straight pipe eliminates the catalytic converter and will significantly increase the power and throttle response of your 350Z.

Material - Stainless
Weight - 3 kg
Main pipe diameter - 60.5 ø

Available for VQ35DE & VQ35HR

Note: This product is racing use only.

Price $630.00
center pipe
Center pipe

Mine's has manufactured a stainless center pipe for the 350Z for better exhaust efficiency. By extending each pipe by 80cm, Mine's has successfully increased the torque from 1,500 to 6,000 rpm.

Mine's center pipe replaces the stock front pipe and stock center pipe.

Material - Stainless
Main pipe - 60 ø x 2 - 70 ø - 63.5 ø
Weight - 10kg (vs stock about 13kg)

Note: This center pipe cannot be combined with Silence VX-Pro Titan II

Price $879.00
Super cat
Click the picture to enlarge
Super Catalyzer II

The stock catalytic converter with the objective of reducing the toxicity of the emission inevitably increases the air flow resistance. Mine's super catalyzer II successfully reduces the exhaust resistance without affecting the function as a catalyzer. The results are higher horsepower & better throttle response at the high rpm range and weight reduction.

Material - Stainless

Available for VQ35DE / VQ35HR & 380RS

Price $2,380.00
sport cat
Click the picture to enlarge
Sports Catalyzer

Made of durable SUS304 stainless, the sports catalyzer enables higher horsepower without affecting the catalytic converter function.

Price $2,121.00
front pipe
Front Pipe

Mine's front pipe enhances air flow efficiency which results in improved throttle response & higher torque.

Material - Stainless
Pipe diameter - 60 ø x 2 E80 ø

Price $801.00
diff cooler
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Differential Cooler

The stock capacity of the differential oil is 1.4 liter which is not large enough for the enthusiast to enjoy performance driving on a race track. The differential cooler prevents boiling of the differential oil and extends the life of the oil. Consequently, it also helps the LSD (limited slip differential) function at its full efficiency.

Price $ N/A
air filterair filter 2
VX Air Filter

Made of three layers of cotton, aluminum mesh, and a special oil, the VX Air Filter provides excellent air filtration without causing any turbulence in the airflow. By increasing the air mass (170% compared with the stock filter), this product alone can improve your power by 3 to 5 hp. However, combined with VX-ROM, the power improvement will be more impressive.

This product is also washable. Based on the Mine's test data, even after washing over 35 times, the reduction of the air flow was limited to only 3%.

Product # MN-004 for VQ35DE   $209.00
Product # MN-006 for VQ35HR (a pair of two filters)   $380.00
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