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Westside Carroseria






Westside Carroseria

PPI has established a strategic partnership with the Westside Carroseria prior to SEMA 2008. PPI can provide expert installation of Mines performance parts to your Nissan GTR.

Experienced mechanics who have enormous knowledge of GTR from the ECU to Suspension will professionally manage all aspects and care of your GTR. Nissan GTR has originally been designed with marketing that it cannot be modified. Mines, PPI and now the Westside Carroseria have created a partnership with expert knowledge like no other company can provide and is indispensable for installing any aftermarket parts to your GTR.

Leave your GTR in our trusted hands.

** The Westside Carroseria **
     As a company created to develop high performance and luxury vehicles and with extensive experiences with both European and Japanese vehicles, The Westside Carroseria has established themselves as a high-end fabricator and designer of performance vehicles. Within this expertise, they have been preparing vehicles for major magazine shoot for Nissan, Audi, VW and many more as well as preparing vehicles for TV shows and commercials. TWC also performs modification necessary on a car for the marketing and promotional efforts for Fortune 100 companies. Equipped with two high tech paint booths, the 55,000 sq/ft facility hosts 6 working bays and a super security area for top secret cars.


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