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air intake ductintake ductintake duct
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Carbon air intake duct

Mines has manufactured a replacement for the stock in-take duct on the front hood of the GTR. By utilizing a superior carbon material, Mines' new carbon intake duct presents an exceptional race intake appearance especially suited for this flagship GTR.

The intake duct is easily bolted on and available in two types; one - a standard wet carbon appearance and the second - a twilledEwet carbon look. Middle picture - standard wet carbon Bottom picture - twilled wet carbon

Price $848.00

front lip 1front lip 2front lip 3
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Carbon Front Spoiler

Without drastically changing the stock look, the Mine's Carbon Front Spoiler provides a simple very sophisticated appearance to your GT-R.

A twilled dry carbon produces both a sense of luxury and functionality without adding much weight. The surface is clear coated. You will find an improved down-force at middle to high speed driving. The installment is an easy bolt on configuration.

Material - Dry carbon
Weight - 2.12 kg

Price $4,729.00
Mirrormirror 2
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Carbon Front Spoiler type II

This type II spoiler has a more aggresive design than the type I with the right & left edges are extended further to the front by 15mm. The inlets for the brake duct are larger than those of GTR Spec V. The weight is 3.7 kg lighter than the stock.

Type III is also available at the same price.

Material   Twilled dry carbon. Super clear coating is applied.

Price   $5,943.00
front spoiler type 3front spoiler type 3
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Carbon Front Spoiler type III

This type III spoiler is a minor changed version of type II. Compared to the type I, the lip area and the side area are widened by 10mm and 15mm respectively.

Weight is 2.9kg which is 3.1kg lighter than stock

Material   Twilled dry carbon. Super clear coating is applied.

Price   $5,943.00
canard 3canard2
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Carbon Canard (Racing version)

Made of twilled dry carbon, it significantly increases the front down force and enhance the cornering speed. Only a race version is available currently. A street version is under development.

This fits only the early model (before 2011)

Price $2,316.00
canard t2carnard t2
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Carbon Canard Type II for late model

This canard is designed for R35 late model (after 2011). It is mounted around the day-light and perfectly fits into the bumper.

Material - dry carbon with clear coating

Price $5,806.00
rear wing 1rear wing 2
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Carbon Rear Wing

Made of twilled dry carbon, the Mines Carbon Rear Wing enhances the high quality look of your GT-R. The height is raised by 30mm from the stock wing which generates an improved airflow for better down-force and drag.

Price $4,657.00

Note. This wing is not equipped with a stop light as in the stock wing.
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Stabilizer bar   (Front & Rear)

This original Mines Stabilizer Bar is designed to improve the roll stiffness and the resistance to roll in turns and will also enhance your steering response. After many trials, Mines determined that a combination of a hollow structure Stabilizer Bar in front and a solid Stabilizer Bar structure in rear will provide the best response for your performance driving.

Both bars are direct replacements of the stock bars, making the installation very easy. The front and rear bars are sold as a set.      Limited production.

Price $1,600.00
front grillfront grill 2
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Front Carbon Grill

The NEW Mines Carbon Grill presents a streamlined look with the use of the original stock bumper. The Mines Carbon Grill enhances the texture and the distinct form which is their flag ship car deserves.  It is made of twilled carbon with a clear coat which significantly increases the durability by blocking UV rays.  With a stock shape, the MINES Carbon Grill makes installation very easy.

Price $755.00
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Front Carbon Grill for 2012 GTR      

The grill for 2012 GTR (Model MY12). The following description is from Mines English page.

Mines Carbon Front Grill functionality has changed together with the design change of the 2012 R35 GT-R. At Mines, thinking on how to more efficiently cool the radiator through the induction space of the grill, 3 fins where added to the grill to produce a vortex effect to push more air into the grill area.

We were able to cool more efficiently even though the intake of air is the same with the addition of the fins. The installation points are the same as the stock grill, so no modifications are needed to install.

The grill is made from twill weave wet carbon. A layer of clear coat is applied to protect from the UV rays.

Note: This does not fit 2017 or later models

Price $779.00
reinforced bracereinforced brace
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Body Brace Reinforcement

By connecting the front suspension member and the body, the parts can increase the stability, generate linear streering response, and raise the torsional rigidity.

It is designed for the late model (after 2011). However, by using the cross member of late model, it can be installed to the early model.

Price $ 542.00

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