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Welcome to Mine's, the legendary GT-R shop.

PPI (Performance Partners International LLC) has been chosen as a North American dealer for the Mines performance accessories and look forward to a tremendous introduction of the first GTR in North America.

Nissan R35 GT-R

Nissan has begun their marketing campaign on the GTR as a complete Super Car. Their philosophy is that no modification can improve the performance of the R35 GTR. With a clear vision on what the R35 GTR modifications should be, Mines has developed products to enhance the performance of your GTR.

New 09 Mines performance parts for R35 GTR
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New Mines performance upgrade sheet for R35 GTR (link)
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New Product
GTR Leather Steering
GTR Surge Tank Kit
GTR Titanium Intake Kit
wheel cap
GTR Dry Carbon Roof
GTR Wheel Cap


Mines R35 GT-R performance record Update

Feb 12, 2009
Location: Fuji Speedway
Lap time: Mines R35 GTR recorded 1.49.782 s
Driver: Mr. Eiji Yamada (Professional race car driver)

On February 12th the Mines GTR broke the 1.50s barrier at the Fuji Speedway. With a 1.49.782s time on the Fuji Speedway and considering that the Mines GTR has been tuned as a Street car with stock tires their recent time is an amazing feat. Mines had further developed the exhaust and boost up system along with modification to the computer to improve the GTR's performance. Once again the highly advanced expertise that Mines has developed for the GTR has proven their dominance in the performance of the GTR.

Feb 29, 2008
Location: Fuji Speedway
Lap time: Mines R35 GTR recorded 1.51.258 s
Driver: Mr. Yasushi Kikuchi (Super GT series professional driver)

Feb 15, 2008
Location: Tsukuba Circuit (Course 2000)
Lap timel: Mines R35 GTR recorded 0.59.367 s
Driver: Mr. Tetsuya Yamano (Japan Gymkhana champion, Super GT professional driver)

Jan 13, 2008
Aired on this date: TV Tokyo “Gekiso GT” R35GTR vs Porsche 911 twin turbo.
Location: Tsukuba Circuit
Driver: Keiichi Tsuchiya recorded 1.01.940 s driving the Mines’ R35GTR.

The Mines GTR beat the Porsche by almost 2 second in the Time Attack. The Porsche also received an eight-of-a-mile handicap in the following 3 lap race. Still Mine's GT-R beat Porsche.

Dec, 2007
Press Event at the Fuji Speedway sponsored by Rev Speed. The best lap for the Mines R35 GTR was 1.54.688 s with slight modifications on the suspension. Two stock R35 GTR from other shops participated the event and both recorded low 1.56 s times.

Dec 06, 2007
The date Nissan started delivering the R35 GTR. At a Time Attack sponsored by Rev Speed, the Mines R35 GTR recorded a time of 1.03.143 s. Driver was Mr. Takayuki Kinoshita.

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