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*REV SPEED February 2009 issue

Mines Z34 (370Z) Tsukuba Debut Run - Best Lap 1.06.712

Rev Speed created an article on the Mines Z34 (370Z) which was tested by professional driver Takashi Ohi on the Tsukuba Race Track last month. This was the same Z34 that was displayed at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 in the Mines Booth.

With a smooth suspension system tuned for street driving the Mines Z34 recorded a time in the upper half of the 1min 6 second range. The development of the Nissan Z started with the Mines Z33. As they did for GTR late 2008, the speed of the development of the Mines performance parts was amazing. Within one week after the release of the Z34 to the public, Mines installed several performance parts, finished the first shake down and brought the car to Tsukuba Race Track. The result was the fastest lap time for Z34 (at that time) on the Bridgestone RE-11’s.

Mr. Niikura, Owner of Mine’s expressed his vision on the Z34. “Considering the drivers whom the Z34 targets, I do not think getting the fastest time on a race track is this car’s primary objective. The Z34 suits a driver who would primarily desire to drive on the street in a very cool way and when they desire, would enjoy the high performance at a track event. So we have focused our resources to develop the Z34 to be stylish and cool rather than to try to shave 0.1 second on a race track. A quality ride that fits the driver’s lifestyle is more important than a time attack result for this car. This concept is consistent with the Mines philosophy that Mr. Niikura had for the Z33.

The tremendous experience that Mines has on both street and on a race track has been applied to create the Ohlins based Original Suspension System and the Titanium Exhaust System. Besides those two, the Z34 is equipped with performance wheels, a clutch type LSD, and Oil Cooler which are all indispensable for a track event. Of course, you cannot forget the Mines specialty – the VX ROM. Mines had already finished analyzing the new computer and their new VX ROM will soon be ready for the sale. (It is now available as of Jan 25, 2009). Current parts under development are the Front Lip Spoiler and Carbon Aero Parts.

Mr. Ohi who tested the Mines Z34 commented. “Overall, the car is very smooth and I do not see any problem in both street and on a race track. The car behaves very well at the top limits. It is tuned at a very high level and as it is this car is very close to a complete performance car. However, I am sure Mines will improve this car further and I am looking forward to seeing and testing it.”

You can drive this very elegant car on street but then take to the track to show it true performance – this Mines, this is the Mines Z34.

Computer - Mines VX ROM
Exhaust - Mines Silent VX Titanium
Front pipe - Mines original stainless
CAT - Mines Super Catalizer
Air cleaner - Mines VX air filter
Suspension - Mines ESTA suspension system
Brake - Mines original brake pad
LSD - Cusco
Tire - Potenza RE11 265/35-18
Wheel - Prodirve GC-01
Seat - Recaro
Exterior - Carbon roof antenna cover

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