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The inner duct portion is also made by dry carbon and is designed to smooth out the air to the brake. Furthermore, the Mines Demo car is equipped with the Spec V air guide to improve the cooling function.
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The Carbon Front Spoiler comes with the carbon under cover which increases the down force and improves the stability at a high speed driving.

*Summary of an featured article from Option September 09 issue

Mines Dry Carbon Aero Parts

Ultra light, Aero Dynamical, & Cooling function

Announced at Tokyo Auto Salon in January and being developed for almost 6 month, Mines twilled dry carbon parts hit the market. The new parts are Carbon Hood, Carbon Front Spoiler, Carbon Side Step, Carbon Trunk, Carbon Rear Underspoiler, and Carbon Vertical Fin. Those products greatly contribute to the weight reduction as well as improving the aero dynamics and cooling function. All the parts are made in Japan by the very skilled engineers and the quality is just superb.

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