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Option October

*Summary of an featured article from Option Oct 2008 issue

In mid-2008 a collaboration between Mines-Wave and Mooncraft for the GTR has now been completed with New Designs for Mines products sales globally.
Mines initiated the project with Mooncraft whose owner Mr. Yura is well known as the premiere racing car designer.  Through a short R & D process, a new product line was determined and the initial designs are in the final completion stages with production commencing very soon.

The newly designed products are a new Mines Engine Cover and Rear Wing. “Sophistication and Simplicity” with seamless visual impact is the theme of the design of both products.
“There already exists a stock carbon engine cover.  What we are creating is a uniquely designed cover different from the stock shape.  I believe our cover is fashion oriented with a sophisticated appearance which will stand out among other GT-R owners.”  - Mr. Yura.

The design of the engine cover includes individual “mountain” shaped portion on each intake manifold and it will have a Mines logo at front instead of a Nissan logo.

The rear wing is designed as a 3D shape with a streamlined image. It will also enhance the theme of a refined & matured GT-R style.

Besides these two new parts, there are several items Mines is developing for 2008.  One is a special wheel for the GT-R. At this point, Mr. Niikura (owner of Mines) is thinking about a forged one piece wheel.  What we can expect from Mr. Niikura will be a really cool wheel from Mines in the very near future.  Another product is a new side mirror.  The shape should be close to the picture above with production commencing very soon.

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