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Opt aug09
throttle body The diameter of the butterfly has been increased by 2.5mm. The weight of the stock shaft has been reduced by shaving the surface without scarifying the strength. In addition, a new countersunk bolt has been designed to maximize the air flow efficiency when the throttle is fully opened.
throttle body There are still some minor unevenness and roughness on the inner surface of a stock throttle body. Mines first machined the surface with a diamond ultra precision cutting tool then “mirror” finished the surface. As a finishing touch, the surface shape has been transformed to a “ventur tube" like construction for maximum air flow efficiency.

*Summary of an featured article from Option August 09 issue

Mines High Flow Throttle System

Mines’ Ultimate Weapon for your throttle response.

Mines has already achieved 600ps through the Mines “SPEC X 6.0 kit”. The Mines High Flow Throttle System has been developed to add additional performance to the SPEC X 6.0. However, when combined with Mines VX-ROM, the product can increase the power and throttle response for the R35 GTR regardless of any modification done to the engine.

Mr. Niikura states “In developing the VR38 tuning, I am currently satisfied with the 600 ps. We have achieved the 600 ps with our SPEC X 6.0 kit. Naturally my interest turned to how to maximize the throttle response as our next objective. The High Flow Throttle System shall achieve this objective. Along with a better throttle response, you will receive a greater efficient flow thus increasing your horse power. Our computer tuning will also contribute to better results on the response, power, and gas mileage."

The major premise of Mr. Niikura’s strategy and objective is to develop performance parts for a total efficiency & balance of the GTR. As we all know, Mr. Niikura does not just pursue maximum horsepower. Having been in the industry for many years, Mr. Niikura’s approach is the result of his tremendous experience accumulated as the premier GTR Tuner. The Mine’s High Flow Throttle System is not an exception, but another premise to his focus.

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