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370Z products

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Z34 suspension
z34 suspension
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ESTA Suspension System Professional Edition

This suspension system was developed from the Ohlins shock absorber and based upon Mine's extensive data and experience. Aiming for sports driving, it provides an enhanced damping force, stroke, and spring rate. The system can meet a wide range of setting requirements with 20 adjustable stages of damping force, ride height adjustability via threaded body and spring seat, and straight spring.

The driver can enjoy the Mines exquisite suspension setup for both street and race track.

The system for 370Z is offered either with Eibach spring or with Hyperco spring.

Spring rate (w/ Eibach spring)
Front 11.6k
Rear 10.0k
Spring rate (w/ Hyperco spring)
Front 11.6k
Rear 10.7k
Ride height (vs stock)
Front -25mm to -40mm
Rear -25mm to -40mm

Price $5,481.00
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Air Scoop Type II

Co-developed with Mooncraft, the Air Scoop Type II is manufactured with an ideal shape to lead the air directly to the air cleaner box. It is made of dry carbon which presents both top-quality appearance and functionality.

A minor modification on the front bumper is necessary to install this product. A set of two.

For 370Z / VQ37VHR

Price $1,223.00
z34 F spoiler
z34 F spoiler
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Front Carbon Spoiler

Made of carbon, this front spoiler maintains the stock appearance but definitely adds a first-class look to 370Z. The unique design improves the stability of the vehicle with increased down-force for mid to high speed driving.

Available in the middle of May 2009

Price $1,414.00
z34 rear wingz34 rear  wing
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Carbon Rear Wing

This beautiful carbon rear wing is attached on the optional stock wing. The newly designed wing has distinctive Gurney Flap shape which contributes to a significant improvement of the down-force at medium to high speed driving.

Price $943.00
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